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The Creators Network brings conscious creators together to fuel the Conscious Media Movement.

Conscious Good launched the Creators Network, a place where conscious creators can connect, collaborate and expand your conscious storytelling.  

We offer specialized Groups, Courses, Live and On-Line Events designed specifically to enhance and expand your Conscious Media.

We exist to encourage a whole new breed of filmmakers, marketers, producers, programmers, musicians and artists interested in creative projects that offer a positive, consciousness- raising message at the core of their work. 

Creating this work is rewarding but it can also be very challenging. Searching for like-minded people to collaborate with can be difficult and time consuming. The Creators Network simplifies the whole process and dare we say, makes it more fun.  And...

 Please help us create this platform, with your thoughts,  energy and experiences to create a positive and fulfilling conversation. Have fun getting to know each other! 

We look forward to meeting you on the Creators Network and together changing the world for the better.

What you get: inspiration, information, collaboration and connection!

Meet and network with other storytellers and co-create.

Find paid work (that doesn’t pinch your soul).

Make better, more well-informed decisions with filmmaking tools, resources and discounts to products & services.

Find inspiration and ideas for your passion project or profession.

Get answers to the burning questions you can't just Google.

Personal expression is encouraged, (and trust that it won’t be exploited for big data)

Interactive courses designed to elevate your life personally & professionally with Stream of Consciousness.

Be in the know on meet-ups, conferences, festivals and events.

Movie of the Month Club - explore the consciousness of films and their impact on humanity and how you can create the same impact with story-telling and marketing techniques. 

Discover distribution Opportunities, including on our Conscious Good Platform.

Join thousands of other Conscious Media Creators!

Joining the network is Free!

Learn about our Professional Development Courses for 2020!

The Conscious Good Creators Network Professional Development Course Series for 2020 was designed to support creators in bringing conscious entertainment to the world and are taught by leading experts in conscious media and film.

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